Behind the Curtain: My Novelesque Life


Evening at Home; Painting by Edward John Poynter

Dear fellow readers,

First of all, you have been so amazing to me.  I started my book blog because I enjoyed sharing my love of reading and books.  Now, over a year later, it has become more than just a venue to share my reading.  Reviewing books has motivated my own writing – especially when it comes to my poetry and personal essays.  I have come so far in sharing my words, thoughts and feelings.  I have opened up in ways I never imagined I could have.  It is hard to write online, exposing yourself, but everyone has been so great.  In venturing on this journey of “self”, “self love” and “beliefs and passions” I have made stronger bonds with those that truly care. I have come to redefine family and love.   It is amazing how blogging about books – which helps to calm my anxiety – has made me a happier and more relaxed person.  I am looking forward to a new adventure with this website.  I will be moving a lot of my material from my blog to here, as well as having new material in the next six weeks.  However, I will not be launching this website full-time till January 1, 2017.  I would like to have a post every day for you, so I am working on a realistic plan.  I hope, above all, I can keep you entertained.


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(Edited from June 30, 2015)

The question I always get from readers is “what should I read next?”  

So far I have worked at a library, bookstore, universities and (now) again at another library, so I get this questions a lot.  When I am not working my day job my nose is usually voluntarily stuck in a book, or an eReader or listening to an audiobook.   I find that I really love this question and it is interesting to see how much book dialogue this can produce.  I also relish in the challenge – finding the right balance of matching a great book to an eager reader.


Drop Everything And Read – must read!

It is more than just loving a book and telling everyone you ever met that they, “MUST READ” this said book.  First, I like to ask what books people have read and liked, so I can narrow down the genre and style and then throw out a few titles, with a brief verbal review. Working in a bookstore I used this conversation style a lot. We were also given ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) so that we could try a book and recommend it if we liked it.  But this time you are letting people know if this a book they should pick up or pass on.

I am a great fan of Michael Ondaatje‘s work and have enjoyed most of his poetry and books I have read.  BUT when I recommend any of his pieces I make sure to note the kind of reader that would enjoy this style of writing.  Ondaatje is very lyrical in his words and his imagery unfolds like a poem (even in his nonfiction) so it is not for fans of cozy mysteries or legal thrillers.  And, yet I have given both Michael Ondaatje and John Grisham ★★★★ (meaning I would recommend this book and would do a reread), but I have liked them for very different reasons and try to make that clear to anyone that reads my reviews.  If there is anything I can ever approve on or any suggestions you may have  – I am always up for comments!

And, please never hesitate to get further clarification on any my reviews (


Allan R. Banks – Girl Reading

Just a little snapshot of the person behind the books…
I live in British Columbia, Canada – born and raised in mostly mild weather, but was indoors a lot due to seasonal allergies.  I am an only child and as a kid that meant a lot of times characters from books would be my imaginary siblings, lol. Any loneliness I felt, books would take me away to another place and time.  I must confess this right away…I have a severe case of reading addiction – I love buying and reading books in all formats and genres, and talking about them to anyone who will listen. My first job was as a Page (shelver) for a public library, and to further support my university tuition, I took a job at a local independent bookstore. It was there that I really started my book collection – often getting free copies or ARCs- and also obtaining a weird knowledge of books I’ve never read, or figuring out a book from 10 words or less. I have also worked in Admissions for a few academic institutions (my commute always gave me a lot of time to read) and I am now a Library Assistant at another public library.


Friends & Tea – from Daily Express

When my nose is not stuck in a book…

I love watching classic movies (anything Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn has me sold), anything BBC or PBS, crime/mystery/thriller shows, paranormal dramas (think Buffy and Grimm), true crime programs (Dateline) and sometimes silly things that can only amuse me (ahem, Grey’s Anatomy). I also enjoy drinking tea, writing whatever the muses grant me, sketching, colouring, baking and running my (face to face) book club (11 years now!). More on me later 😉


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