Lucy Kendall: Series Review

*Originally published on 2015/07/02

A dear friend of mine, a true book soul-mate, read All Good Deeds and her glowing review made me add the first book to my already out of control TBR (to-be-read) pile.  (But really, when hasn’t it been out of control?)  One of my challenges since last year has been to catch up on or complete some ongoing series I have already started (more on the challenge in another post). So as I add the first book of this series I know I will not get to it for awhile.

With the third book (Gone to Die) being release in late July, I was offered (by Badass Marketing) a chance to read the entire series.  I hemmed and hawed for a day and going back to my dear friend’s review.  It’s just three books and who knows I may not even make it past the first…

ALL GOOD DEEDS (Lucy Kendall:#1) Written by Stacy Green

2014; 310 Pages (Twisted Minds Press)

Genre: suspense, mystery, thriller, series, psychological

(I received an ARC from  PUBLISHER).

Rating: ★★★★

“I’m not a killer. Or a saviour.  I’m just one person trying to repair the broken scales of justice one jagged crack at a time.”

Okay, so here we have a Bruce Willis or Dexter character out to kill some baddies in the guise of getting out his own aggression. I can deal with that for a chapter or two.

“His file was burned into my brain.  Molested his kid sister when he was fifteen, released at eighteen…behind the group of beautiful women and waiting to be seated were a mother and her pre-teen daughter..”

So now this character is actually killing the scum of the baddies.  I can get behind that logic…and as we learn less than a page later this character is female in her early thirties and had worked in Child Protective Services (CPS), I am getting a little bit hooked.  In walks a stranger who sees what she is and claims that he does the same too, and I am booked for the rest of the evening and all other things forgotten.

Lucy Kendall, like I said above, worked in CPS till one case broke her and she felt that she had let her inexperience harm two families.  On top of that regret there is the guilt Lucy feels about her sister, who was molested and then violated again when she was not believed by their own mother.  When the only way her sister could feel peace was by taking her own life Lucy begins a spiral in trying to do what is right.  She goes from being in CPS, where she feels the children are not protected, to a private investigator whose only client is herself and she can take out one pedophile at a time. 

Things are going according to plan until a stranger sees who she is and a eight year-old girl goes missing in the same neighbourhood as Justin Beckett, one of her cases gone very wrong.  And, the lead detective is his half brother, Todd Beckett, who blames her for Justin being locked away unjustly.  Once she is pulled into the case she discovers that even she doesn’t know how far she will go in the name of justice.

This is book that speeds your heart rate right from the beginning, and as the twist and turns build up intense suspense as Lucy makes you question your own moral standing.  The characters are realistic – meaning that rarely are they just good or bad, loved or hated.  The way Green reveals the background of the characters always has you on edge…as the truth comes out you don’t know who to trust including Lucy sometimes.  I highly recommend this first book to those that love a good suspense thriller as this is not for the weak of heart – psychologically.

12818-see-them-run-by-stacy-green-200x300SEE THEM RUN (Lucy Kendall:#2) Written by Stacy Green

2014; 304 Pages (Twisted Minds Press)

Genre: suspense, mystery, thriller, series, psychological

(I received an ARC from PUBLISHER).

Rating: ★★★★

I took a bit of a break after the first book, but wanted to start on the next one while things were fresh in mind, and because the ending of the last book screams “what’s gonna happen next?!”  This is not the standard “filler” second book in that the story stands on it’s own as well as the overall arc of the series.  Lucy has come across an underground child sex trafficking ring and again she gets focused on this one case that she doesn’t see that she can’t do this on her own.  Her brand of justice may just get her bad attention and get her caught not just by the baddies but the good guys too…as Todd Beckett still isn’t sure, like the reader, what exactly is Lucy’s motive.  Good intentions and all.  I can’t really reveal too much without giving away spoilers but get set for another emotional ride.

067c8-good_deeds-267x400GONE TO DIE (Lucy Kendall:#3) Written by Stacy Green

2015; 258 Pages (Twisted Minds Press)

Genre: suspense, mystery, thriller, series, psychological

(I received an ARC from PUBLISHER).

Rating: ★★★★

So the review for book three might change depending on whether this series continues or not…the ending, in my opinion, is only satisfying if there is another book.  If  Gone to Die is it for the series I am not sure I am happy with how the series end.  In the third book, Chris has gotten himself kidnapped and only Lucy can rescue him because only she can think like a killer.  We see Lucy in this book coming to the aid of the FBI and trying to work with them to find Chris before he dies…that is if the gunshot she heard over the phone hasn’t killed him already.  We see Lucy really fight herself in this book as she tries to think like the killer and try to figure out who she really is.  The last case has rattled her and this new one feels like the end of something.

I greatly enjoyed Green’s quick action, emotionally and psychologically charged characters and terrifying plots – overall a great writing style.  Just a warning Lucy and Stacy will cause binge reading and any chores you had plan…left undone.


*UPDATE: Since I originally published this post, Green has written a prequel novella and book four.  I have read both but not yet written a review for them.  I will post this as soon as I can 🙂


Stacy Green is the best selling author of psychological thrillers and mystery with a dash of romance. As a stay at home mom, she’s blessed with making writing a full-time career. She lives in Iowa with her supportive husband, daughter, and their three fur-babies.
Stacy Green’s Website

k (My Novelesque Life)


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