First Review of 2017: The 4th Man

31820745THE 4th MAN

(Quincy & Rainie/FBI Profiler: #6.5; D.D. Warren: #8.5)

Written by Lisa Gardner

RELEASING: January 3, 2017; 57 pages


Genre: novella, series, crossover, mystery, suspense

(I received an ARC from the PUBLISHER through NETGALLEY)

RATING: ★★★★

Quincy and Rainie are back in action with the help D.D. Warren in this novella.  I am not a huge fan of novellas but I like Gardner’s quick stories that actually leave a nosy person like me satisfied.  In this short story, the three crime fighters are trying to solve an unsolved case by looking at the last three suspects to see the victim alive.  As they interrogate them to see who strangled the young university student they wonder if their was a “4th man”.  This novella is a lead up to a new novel featuring Quincy and Rainie, Right Behind You – I am so happy that this series is  not finished.  I will be reading the novel at the end of the month and have a review for you soon.



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