Holidays are coming to an end

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the fourth of January! I woke up this morning with sniffles and a day off so decided to take the Christmas decorations down.  It is always SOOOOO depressing to box up cute decorations.  But I had Brother in Death (by JD Robb) on audio kept me company.  After over 40 novels I am still engrossed in this series.  I have read three books so far this year and have challenged myself to 450 books for 2017.  I am excited about this year’s challenge as this is the highest I have gone for a challenge.  I am part some great groups on Goodreads so I know I have a lot of great group reads ahead of me. I am also branching out to self-help/motivational books this year.  I have avoided these books like the plague but I am hoping to open my creative self.

I was hoping to work on some reviews today but I have exhausted myself from all the cleaning and can barely breathe through my nose anymore (dang dust!).  I am going to make it an early night – and get in some reading before bed.  I will be reviewing Wally Lamb’s newest book, that was published in 2016, for which I have still not chosen a rating for.  I am hoping as I write the review it will come to me. I will also be doing a series review of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch as I am hoping to be all caught up in a few weeks.  And, as promised I will have some more posts from my previous blog transferred here.

I hope you all are having a great new year so far…


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