Instead of…Read this!

Instead of…

22859802THE BONES OF YOU Written by Debbie Howells

June 2015; 320 pages (Kensington)

Genre: psychological thriller, suspense, mystery

Rating: ★ 1/2

(I received an ARC from NetGalley).

Rosie is missing and other than her mother the only person who seems concerned is their neighbour, Kate.  From Kate, along with flashbacks told with Rosie’s voice, we go from a disappearance to the murder of the eighteen year old.  Rosie’s voice is too much like Susie’s from The Lovely Bones without the insight that Sebold provides readers.  Gone Girl was another comparison that has been made…while it lacks the clever twists and suspense of Gone Girl there are many characters that are just nasty in this novel.  For me it was easy to figure out who the killer was as the clues and inferences were not subtly hidden.  Also, the plot sort of falls apart 40% in and at times it veers off completely.  Kate is not just naive but every time a twist is revealed she acts like she could have never figured it out.  I did read an Advance Reader Copy but it read more like a draft to an editor.  I think unfortunately, this novel just lacked editing and rewrites. I would try another Debbie Howell book if a friend recommended it.

You Must Read…

12232938LOVELY BONES Written by Alice Sebold

Sept 2006; 328 pages (Little, Brown and Company)

Genre: psychological thriller, suspense, mystery

Rating: ★★★★

The Lovely Bones is told from the young victim’s perspective as she tells us from heaven about being abducted, raped and murdered. As Susie tells the reader about her ordeal her own family is left without answers. The suspense and just the great writing comes from Susie telling us what her family is going through and how they go about finding out what happened to her.

I read Lucky by Sebold first (a memoir of the author’s own rape) and for me it made the novel have so much more context and feeling. This was a very difficult subject matter but a brilliantly written novel. Telling it from Susie’s point of view and having us know what happened actually works really well in this novel. I enjoyed the other characters and the killer was so well done I couldn’t help but hate him. I would recommend this novel to most readers – I would only warn people off if they cannot handle difficult subject matter.


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