Honeycote Series Review

15704520.jpgWHEN SHE WAS WICKED (Honeycote: #1) Written by Anne Barton

2013; 379 Pages (Forever)

Genre: romance, historical romance, fiction, series

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

RATING: ★★★★

Working in a dressmaker’s shop allows Annabelle to be invisible and listen into the gossip of the wealthy. To support her ill mother and sister (who must stay home to care for their mother) she turns to blackmail. Unfortunately, this time she picked the wrong man to extort and finds herself working for him and his unmarried sisters. As Annabelle becomes friendly with Owen’s sisters she realizes that the gossip she heard was not entirely true but could still harm them. Not only can his family be involved in a scandal but her passion for Owen can also cause her ruin.

A fun little regency tale. I really enjoyed this story and loved Owen’s two sweet sisters. Owen is a strong quiet hero and Annabelle is just what he needs. I really enjoyed Barton’s writing.


17724807TO ALL THE RAKES I’VE LOVED BEFORE (Honeycote: #1.5) Written by Anne Barton

2013; 100 Pages (Forever)

Genre: romance, historical romance, fiction, series

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

RATING: ★★★★

To All the Rakes I’ve Loved Before features Owen Sherbourne’s cousin Amelia Wimple whose wealth comes from trade instead of being a peer. Along with not fitting in, Amelia has also been jilted in favour of another woman. Defeated she retreats to her home reading gossip rags. Her strong-willed mother has left on a trip leaving her home alone. All is going well until one night her ex-finace brings to her door, Lord Stephen Brookes and soon her own life is worthy of the gossip newspapers she loves to read.

I loved Barton’s first novel and this novella did not disappoint. I do wish it was longer but Barton was able to put everything in this novella that was needed to tell a story. I liked that characters from book one make small appearances and am waiting to read book two in this fun series.


17264557ONCE SHE WAS TEMPTED (Honeycote: #2) Written by Anne Barton

2013; 384 Pages (Forever)

Genre: romance, historical romance, fiction, series

RATING: ★★★★

Daphne Honeycote, the younger sister of Annabelle, also looked for ways to earn money to help their sick mother.  She posed for risque portraits painted by a friend, and one is now owned by the Earl of Foxburn, Benjamin Elliot.  Ben sees Daphne at a ball and knows instantly she is the beauty in the portrait.  Daphne eventually confides in Ben that she was desperate at the time but she must keep the portraits a secret.  Together they must find the other portrait and hide it!

I really love the Honeycote sisters!  They are so down to earth and realistic.  Ben is a lot like Owen in that he supports Daphne in the best way he can.  This is another fun adventure balanced with realistic emotions.  I wonder if one of Owen’s sisters will be in the next book or a distant relative….hmmmmm


20706743SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS (Honeycote: #3) Written by Anne Barton

2014; 384 Pages (Forever)

Genre: romance, historical romance, fiction, series

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

RATING: ★★★★

I have enjoyed Anne Barton’s previous historical romances because of her mix of romance and humour. Scandalous Summer Nights is no different. Lady Olivia Sherbourne is the elder of Owen’s younger sisters and also the one he cannot get to follow the rules of society. Olivia has been in love with her older brother’s friend James Averill for 10 years and she had made it her mission to get him to finally notice her as a woman. James has always found her attractive but his loyalty to his friend has kept him from looking at Olivia in any other way. To ensure nothing does happen he leaves the city to only have Olivia follow him. Now James is doing everything to make sure he gets Olivia back home wit her good repetition, and Olivia is doing everything to get herself in a compromising situation with James…let the summer games begin.

I have liked Olivia since we were first introduced to her in book one and am glad she and James finally get their story. Olivia is a strong and funny heroine that has you on her side cheering her on. James is her match in that he wants her but has to remain gentlemanly so makes it fun to watch him squirm. We also get to see how Annabel and Owen’s relationship is progressing and more eager to see sweet Rose’s story.

24820208ONE WILD WINTER’S EVE (Honeycote: #4) Written by Anne Barton

2015; 400 Pages (Forever)

Genre: romance, historical romance, fiction, series

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

RATING: ★★★★

Finally, we get to Owen and Olivia’s younger sister, Rose.  Rose is a sweet, sensitive and follow the rules type of girl.  She is also guilt-ridden and heartbroken over her mother’s departure and her father’s sudden death.  Had she not walked in on her mother having relations with another man, her father would still be alive.  Her siblings would be carefree and happy.  She can finally speak again but she must find her mother and discover the truth.  When Rose arrives at her mother’s friend’s estate, she runs into a man who she broke all the rules for, Charles Holland.

Charles was once the stable hand for Rose’s father’s estate.  After a summer that was his best time with Rose, but could also be his undoing, he left the estate for bigger ambitions.  Now when he sees Rose again he is not sure if he wants anything more than her love.  Rose aims to uncover her mother’s whereabouts but is distracted by Charles and wonders if they can ever be together.

Even though it has taken me some time to finish this series, I truly adore it.  Rose, like the heroines before, is a bright sassy heroine that tugs at your heartstrings. She is also perfectly paired with Charles as a sensitive adoring hero.  There is adventure and but also has real drama that keeps the novel moving quickly.  All the Honeycote and Sherbourne girls are married so I am not sure if there will be any more novels in the series.  I do hope Barton writes another series as great at this one!


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