Modern Crimes, Modern Women: Review

29873119.jpgMODERN CRIMES (WPC Lottie Armstrong: #1) Written by Chris Nickson

JANUARY 1, 2017; 288 Pages (History/Mystery Press)

Genre: historical fiction, mystery, britain

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

RATING: ★★★★

Following World War I, Lottie Armstrong is working as a Woman Police Constable in Leeds at Milgarth Police Station.  Her husband, Geoff was injured in battle and they find out they cannot have children. She decides that working as a WPC is what she needs.  Her husband is very encouraging of her job and the time it entails.  Along with her partner, and the only other WPC, Cathy Taylor the two patrol Leeds, mostly interacting with women and children.  The “real” crimes are handled by their male counterparts.  When a young pregnant teen runs away from a special home for unmarried pregnant women, Lottie and Cathy are put on the case.  When the case turns into a murder and attempted murder, the CID take over.  Sargent McMillan thinks Lottie is a good investigator so tries to get her involved when he can.   As the two get further into the case, it seems like Lottie is the only one getting results.  Can she help solve the case before the Inspector throws her off?

This is my first book by Chris Nickson, but I have seen his other books and have been interested in trying one.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was a well-written historical mystery.  Nickson sucked me into the time period and provided enough information that you got how things were in those times and in Leeds.  I really liked the characters and how they interacted in this novel.  Geoff is such a sweetheart and an early feminist!  He is so supportive of his wife’s career and how she feels about it.  He is not jealous when she is out late with McMillan and encourages her to what she thinks is best.  I liked the partnership of Lottie and Cathy as they are different but work so well together.  This book has a steady pace that kept me intrigued.  I found the history of women in the police force also very interesting.  I want to know more about how women were able to do this job when everything was against them doing it.  I recommend this novel to historical fiction, mystery and feminism.  I am down for the next book and am looking forward to trying another novel by Nickson!


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