Only Daughter: Review

29095402ONLY DAUGHTER Written by Anna Snoekstra

2016; 279 Pages (Mira)
Genre: suspense, mystery, psychological thriller

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)

In 2003, sixteen year old, Rebecca Winter vanishes after her shift at a fast food restaurant.  Eleven years later, a Bec look alike in trouble, decides to use this to get out of her current situation. As the imposter tries to blend in she realizes that the people around her have their own secrets.

That is about as much as I can say without out giving away the end.  This is a quick read as there is not much to this book.  At times it reads like a first draft, waiting to be filled out.  There are no suspenseful moments, and good ideas are not fleshed out.  For any suspense reader the mystery unravels about 40% in and you kind of know where the story is going to end up…and at the same time you are hoping there will be a good twist.  I would read another Snoekstra novel if a friend recommends a book.


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