Rapid Review: The Perfect Girl?

29407584.jpgTHE PERFECT GIRL Written by Gilly Macmillan

2016; 448 Pages (William Morrow)
Genre: suspense, psychological thriller

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)

Here we go again with another “Girl” book.  The girl in this case is Zoe Maisey, a music prodigy, and she was perfect, once.  One day Zoe is a good girl and the next she is serving time for causing the death of three fellow teens. She is now out and trying to get her life back.  Her mother, in a new marriage with a stepson and a child with her new husband, puts Zoe back into music and tries to rebuild their life.  At the end of a concert, her mother will be found dead, and Zoe’s new life will unravel.

I gave this novel three stars but I am not sure if that is fair.  The suspense in this novel is okay, but it tries to drag out secrets even when the reader probably has put it together.  I am not sure if the characters are meant to be reserved or unlikable, but I just didn’t connect with them.  I didn’t dislike them, but rather felt nothing invested in them.  Usually, when a character is deplorable you can at least hope they get what is coming to them.  The ending has been done before and it just left me feeling unsatisfied.  I think I gave it a three because the author has potential, I finished the book and I do want to read her earlier book that everyone raves about.


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