February: Month of Sorrow, Love and Reviews


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I used to think that February was depressing because I was usually single on the holiday. Then I was in a long-term relationship, and his birthday was also in this month, so I started to look forward to the month of love.  February 2013, 2014 and 2015 brought 4 deaths of people close to me.  One was my maternal grandmother who meant the world to me.  One year and one day later, my neighbour died.  She was a lot like a grandmother to me.  I saw her daily as a child, and she just showered love and kindness on me.  Then one year and one day from her death, her husband died.  They could make the couple in Notebook seem like amateurs in love. He was a strong silent soldier who gave me a respect for war.   Rounding out the deaths, was my cousin’s beloved paternal grandmother.  She happened to die on my ex’s birthday – which also started the death of our relationship.  (He was angry that I “chose” to go straight to the hospital to be at my cousin’s side as she lost one of the most important person in her life, and also say goodbye to someone who was an important person to me. It was then that I started to question who I was with and if our priorities in life were similar.) And, so this year I am again alone on Valentine’s Day and for once I am okay with it, because this year I am my own person and am happy about that.

Part of me wants to sleep through this month, but then…I think of all the people alive around me that are worth getting through this fog for, so I get up.  Books are more than just a hobby for me.  It is something that helps me get through life.  When I am reading I am away from the things that haunt my mind.  Some say I am avoid reality but I think it allows me put life in perspective.  It’s also my thing.  I am not the prettiest or the smartest but I can read over 300 books a year.  I can come up with book lists and recommendations, be in any book conversation (even if I have not read the book because I probably read about the book) and bring up useless but wonderful book trivia.  It makes me unique and stand out.

Book recommendations are easier for me because I have had plenty of practice working at a bookstore and libraries.  But also, now as a reviewer.  My ex would ask, “who cares about your opinion on a book”? I started to think, “yeah, why was I doing reviews?”  Then I remember every book conversation I have had and I know why.  I love talking about books with people.  I love getting excited about reading the same book, or getting/giving recommendations and finding out that a series gets better if I just make it through book one first.  While I don’t have thousands of followers I do get great comments from readers thanking me for writing a review because they can skip a book, or should definitely read it.  Publishers and authors want me to review books because my opinion matters to them.  My passion for reading comes out in my reviewing and I genuinely love doing it.  For me it is worth it even if just my besties read them.  I recently hung out with one of my besties and she and I, of course ended up in a bookstore.  She turned to me at one point in our conversation and said that another reason she loves going to bookstores with me is that it feels like she has her own personal book shopper.  And, that to me, is like being told I am the prettiest AND smartest person she knows.

I finished Lisa Gardner’s newest novel, Right Behind You, this afternoon and will be reviewing it tomorrow.  Right Behind You is the 7th book in the Quincy & Rainie/ FBI Profiler series.  It has been a few years since Gardner has written a book in that series.  I will be starting a new blog feature entitled, Thriller Thursday.  I will give you more details on the feature tomorrow.  It is time for this blogger to jump into a new book before sleepytime.

Thanks again to all that read my reviews and blog.  You can follow my blog and other exciting things to come on this website.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here or contact me



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