Thriller Thursday: Right Behind You

Lisa Gardner put up a poll on Facebook asking fans which character they would like to see in her next book.  Gardner thought for sure it would be D.D. Warren or Tessa Leoni (I love D.D. but am not such a big fan of Tessa). But to her surprise people choose Quincy and Rainie.  It has been about eight years since Gardner wrote, Say Goodbye. I thought it was the last book in the FBI Profiler series and given up hope for another book.  Then of course, I started to think, “what if I didn’t like the book?”

29758010RIGHT BEHIND YOU (Quincy & Rainie/ FBI Profiler: #7) Written by Lisa Gardner

JANUARY 31, 2017; 400 Pages; (Penguin Group Dutton)

Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller, FBI, police, foster children

(I received an ARC from the PUBLISHER via NETGALLEY.)

Rating: ★★1/2

Quincy and Rainie are back, and they are in the process of adopting their thirteen year old foster daughter, Sharlah May Nash.  Sharla has had a hard childhood.  Her parents drank and took drugs.  She was raised by her older brother, Telly Ray.  He himself was only four when she was born.  Not only has he made sure she was fed, Telly had saved their lives by beating their father to death with a baseball bat. They have been apart for eight years living through the foster system.  Now, finally Sharlah may get her forever family. A family that has seen the dark side of the world and know where Sharlah’s fears lay.

On Sharlah’s first day of swimming camp, all hell breaks loose.  The EZ Mart has a double murder with the suspect now on the run.  Quincy is called in by the local police to profile the killer to get his identity.  As the clues are revealed and more bodies pile up, it seems like Telly may be the spree killer.  Quincy and Rainie must try and figure out what set Telly  off after eight years, and if Sharlah is in danger.  Telly and Sharlah Nash both “know the biggest fear can be right behind you”.

Wow, this novel started off with a bang! I was sucked in right away.  We get the point of view of both Sharla and Telly from the night eight years ago and present day.  I liked this because we got a better sense of the characters and how they evolved.  Yet, Gardner reveals things slowly at a time, so that the mystery unravels as we find out more about that night and how it led them to this.  We also see how Quincy and Rainie are trying to solve this case and deal with being parents.  This is not a linear case but has so many aspects to it.  I think if it was revealed by one character’s point of view we would almost not believe the ending.  I think the way Gardner presented this story worked great.  It’s the kind of suspense thriller novels I thrive on.  I highly recommend this book to all those who love a good mystery filled with suspenseful moments.

You don’t have to read the other Quincy and Rainie novels to like this book, but I think all the background that we learn in those novels enriches the experience.  Plus, I am a huge stickler for reading books in order.

Get your copy of RIGHT BEHIND YOU now! Or on Amazon.

For more on Lisa Gardner and her books please visit her website.

I also reviewed the novella before this novel, The 4th Man

I will be posting my other reviews for Lisa Gardner later in the month.





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