Theater Nights: Les Miserables & The Importance of Being Earnest

*Originally published 2015/08/12

On Sunday, I went to see Les Miserables at one of my local theatre (Arts Club, Vancouver) with a good friend of mine, and tonight we both went and saw The Importance of Being Earnest (Beach House Theatre, White Rock).  The former was a novel (by the same name, written by Victor Hugo)  adapted to a musical and the latter is actually written as a play (written by Mr. Oscar Wilde).


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Other than seeing the 2012 version of the film, I knew very little of the story of Les Miserables other than it is about a thief, a Revolution and it is set in France.  I enjoyed the film but was mesmerized by this version of the play.  The actors of the Arts Club were great with singing, acting and keeping me thoroughly entertained – whether it was laughing or crying.  The authentic looking costumes and beautiful sets just added to the experience.  I highly recommend Les Miserables if you are able to see it!


Mr. Oscar Wilde is  a genius of words and wit.  His quotes from prose, plays and other works are always so funny and true.  I love his writing and reading his plays.  A few years


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back the Arts Club did a version of The Importance of Being Earnest and I thought it was brilliant and worth Wilde’s expectations.  So I was excited to see Beach House Theatre chose to do Wilde this year instead of their usual Shakespeare play.  I have been to a middle of the run and last show of the season and thought it would be cool to try opening night.  Unfortunately, they started out a bit rocky and not very confident in their roles.  Algernon was a bit overplayed and Lady Bracknell was flat and spoke to low.  In the second act they started to fall in place as Cecily  and Miss. Prism were introduced and their acting was spot on.  Actor, Paul Richardson, stole the show with his portrayal of Lane, Moulton and Grisby.   I think those with tickets for closing night will be very happy.



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