Whistling While I Work…

*Originally published 2015/07/29


Image: Make Use Of

There comes a time in life when we must leave our comforts and pleasures for the drudgery of…housework.  Well, for me, having learned from my mom and Bibi (Punjabi for grandmother), I actually find a great sense of accomplishment when I have cleaned and organized my living space.  As a kid it definitely earned me brownie points and more time to “read”.  I wasn’t that into going to school but loved the getting ready for the school year routine.  I would organize my closet to fit my new first day outfit and a few other new classic pieces (jeans and shirts), and clean my room so that that year I would definitely study more.  To help that “study more” vibe I would set up my desk with new and old school supplies (I am a little…um, crazy over office supplies) along with my backpack. 

Lastly, and my favourite, was organizing my bookshelf.  Last year it was sorted by country of author so this year would be publisher…no wait, format.  While anyone else would see this housework as a major task in itself and feel content with just finishing it, my type-A personality scoffs at this meager challenge. To make that little voice, not just hush, but be impressed I do all of that while reading a book.  Okay, I made that sound a little more impressive than it is, but hey it is my blog.


Image: Google Image

To prep for this annual event I would get my dad to take me to the library and checkout The Pistachio Prescription by Paula Danzinger, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and It’s Not the End of the World by Judy Blume on audio.

Throughout the years I have listened to audio books while making the very long commute from my home to University and later work (at the same University but by transit this time) and have really enjoyed it.  The past five years though I have tried to incorporate more “reading” time by listening to more audio books.  Now that I don’t have to carry around a bunch of cassettes (ack, I have just dated myself) or CD discs (or the dread flip the cassette or add next CD) I find listening to books a lot more practical. 


Image: Penguin Classics

I clip on my iPod while I wash dishes, cook meals, do housework, while on the computer, in the car, before bed and at my old job I was able to listen to a book in a day or two while going about my usual work (no mistakes on any that work, either).  And, it’s not just simply listening to a book being read to me but finding a narrator that can suck you into the writing and make it come to life.  Being a fan of theater and old time radio programs this is very important to me and I can be a bit picky.  If a narrator can’t engage me I will move on to another audio book (and read the book at another time).

Long story still long, I will be doing some posts and reviews on audio books in the coming months.  There will be no set time as listening to audio varies for me.  I will try and give you some notice for when I will be posting about an audio book (I usually get these audio books from my library’s eLibrary).

Audio books…yay or nay?


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