Annabel: Review


*Originally published 2015/09/04

ANNABEL Written by Kathleen Winter

2010; 464 Pages (House of Anansi Press)

Genre: canadiana, fiction, literary, historical, sexuality

Rating: ★★★★1/2

A beautifully haunting novel written with such grace and compassion that I could not put it down till I finished.  I first heard about this novel on BBC radio where they had adapted it to radio play.  I was blown away by it! It was an abridged version of the book so I knew as soon as it ended I had to find this novel.  While it was published in 2010 I read it in 2011 and it is easily one of my favourite novels of 2011 and definitely on my general favorites list.

Wayne has never felt right in his own body or how he feels about certain things. What Wayne does not know is that he was born with both genitalia and his father chose male, while his mother thought he should be a girl.  As we see him gravitating towards femininity, we also experience the heartbreaking isolation Wayne feels from others.  This well-written novel takes you into the mind of Wayne, and you can understand the emotional roller-coaster ride.


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