Cooking with the Stars: Review

*Originally published 12/13/2015

23848355.jpgTHE BLUE BLOODS COOKBOOK: 120 RECIPES THAT BRING YOUR FAMILY TO THE TABLE Written by Bridget Moynahan and Wendy Howard Goldberg
2015, 288 pages (St. Martin’s Press)

Genre: Food and Entertaining, Performing Arts

Rating: ★★★

I am a big fan of Blue Bloods even though I am a season and a half behind (damn PVR!) at the moment.  Who does not like a show starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Whalberg, with cops and mysteries and wholesome family dinners?! I have to say one of my favourite scenes in every episode is when the whole family gets together for Sunday night dinners and bicker. When I was quite young our family did have dinners like this but bigger, louder and with a lot more bickering.  When most of got to school age our family drifted away from this, and being an only child dinners were quiet and quick.  Part of me still longs for the big family dinners and that is one aspect of the show that appeals to me.  I was very excited to see that they were putting out a cookbook! I am so glad I decided to borrow it from the library first as I was quite disappointed.  There were some stories from the show in the book but it was more on Bridget and even the recipes had less to do with the show and was again more of Bridget’s favourites. The recipes are good comfort food for Sunday dinners but nothing more to them than standard recipes found online.


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