Rapid Review: Friction


Gorgeous cover!

*Originally published 2015/09/02

Friction Written by Sandra Brown

416 pages; 2015 (Grand Central Publishing)

Genre: mystery, romantic suspense

Rating: ★★★

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

Texas Ranger, Crawford Hunt is supposed to be in family court defending his right for custody of his young daughter over his late wife’s parents.  Before Holly, the judge, can render a verdict a gunman starts to fire in the courtroom and Crawford saves Holly’s life.  When the gunman is killed but yet the threat is still there the two must work together and find out who the target is.

I like Sandra Brown – you can count on her for a good romantic suspense so I was a bit disappointed with her newest novel, Friction.  It was a little too long as you figure out the villain and motivation but there is still 50 or so more pages left – the suspense is very low in this one.  Despite that it is still a decent romance mystery novel. BTW – A great cover!


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