Rapid Review: Somebody I Used To Know

*Originally published 2015/09/30

23398730.jpgSOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW Written by David Bell

2015; 432 Pages (Berkley)

Genre: suspense, thriller, mystery, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)


Rating: ★★1/2


On a trip to the grocery store Nick spots a young girl who looks like and has the same mannerisms as his college girlfriend.  But his girlfriend died in a house fire back in college almost 20 years ago so who is this stranger? Nick obsessively in love with Marissa has to know if she is related to her but when he goes up to her she runs off.  While thinking about Marissa and her look-alike the police call him to the station – not for trying to see his stepson and bothering his ex-wife as he expects.  The young girl was found murdered with Nick’s phone number in her pocket.  Nick cannot let go of Marissa and what this girl and her death means so he inserts himself in solving the mystery.

I loved the synopsis of this novel and was excited to read this standalone suspense thriller.  Unfortunately, I had to give this novel  rating as I found Nick very annoying.  He has an obsessive personality and really can’t let go of anything.  He is still pining for ex-girlfriend from college.  Yes, she died in a fire but has broken up with him prior to all this. You kind of get to a point like the other characters in the novel where you want to roll your eyes when he mentions Marissa.  There are points in the plot where it seems forced so that it can explain the ending.  I do think there is potential and will try him again just not so soon.


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