Review: The Escape

*Originally published 2015/09/23

24857263.jpgTHE ESCAPE Written by Hannah Jayne

2015; 256 Pages (Sourcebooks Fire)

Genre: young adult, suspense, mystery

Rating: ★★

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

When I first got my eReader (Kobo Touch) I was crazy with the $.99 deals on book sites, and the first book from Hannah Jayne’s paranormal/urban fantasy was one I bought but have yet to read (I am trying to start too many series without finishing a few first).  When I saw Jayne’s name on the cover of a book on NetGalley I had to read the synopsis.  I was intrigued that this novel written by Jayne was for young adults and also suspense (without any paranormal aspects).  Once I was approved I downloaded on to eReader and sat back for the ride.

Two young teens, Adam and Fletcher, go for an afternoon hike and when they don’t return a search party is sent out to find them.  Avery, our narrator and daughter of the detective in charge, is the one who finds Fletcher battered and bloody.  As Fletcher starts to come to he discovers that his friend Adam did not survive and has no memory of what happened. As Fletcher, the odd kid with the broken family, finds himself in the spotlight of his small town, he also wonders of he is still in danger.  Avery, who was a good friend of Adam finds herself in the middle of the case and determine to find the truth.  As Avery and Fletcher try to discover what really happened out there that day they might be getting to close to the killer.

While I understand this is a young adult novel and it needs to be appropriate for the age group, I still found this read way too predictable.  You pretty much know who the killer is from the first few chapters.  Yet, I have read predictable mysteries that still keep me reading because I want to see how it all unfolds and the characters are worth getting to know.  I did not find this in this novel.  The killer is A and…nothing suspense-y happens.  I grew up reading Lois Duncan, R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, etc which were young adult novels (and most predictable) but the characters were interesting and the seeing the story unfold had me gripping the paperback.  This is not Jayne’s first young adult suspense so I will probably definitely give her another try.


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