Good Omen and Spring Cleaning


After hours in Good Omen

For a few years I have been wanting to “clean” up my life.  I am getting into a good place for creating again.  I am taking time for myself and letting the juices flow, and not feeling guilty for doing it.  I have been working on my blog, of course, but also two other writing projects that I want to finish some day.  I am going back to making my own greeting cards, and really putting a bit of myself into them.  I am colouring in the good colouring books with the good pencil crayons.  So while my creative side is getting a good work out, my mental and physical side have still been slipping.

I am extremely lucky that my cousin is also my best friend in that I can always bug her with health and beauty questions.  She terrified the living daylights out of me with her article on parabens…one minute I think am living a fun life, and next I find out I may be covered in parabens that may be slowly killing me.  Okay, the hysteria is all mine! She did make wonderful points on being more conscious of what we are buying, and finding out what those big words really mean.  She is passionate about beauty and health so she is out there trying to find products that are safe, effective and reasonably priced. And, of course then telling me about what I need to buy.


Love the simplicity of this sign!

I am also fortunate to have a friend that is like-minded, so I have been also picking her brain and trying to absorb all her great advice on natural living.  Oh, did I mention she owns a store?  Good Omen sells natural products made by locally owned businesses. Lia, who also creates gorgeous unique jewelry, is all about supporting those that create.  I love that she  thinks that other women’s success is also your own success, and will lead to your own happiness.  While she runs an amazing business, she about seeing her customers happy and be “in the know” of the products they buy.


Lia and her picturesque shop also hosts workshops (looming, macrame plant holders, tea, herbal wellness) after hours.  With my all-over-the-place work schedule, I was unable to attend any of them.  I was determined to support my friend, so I patiently waited for an event I could attend.  Voila…enter Spring Tonic for Herbal Support and Cleansing.  Of course, if I attend anything to do with wellness I must bring along my strongest weapon, my cousin.  Not only does she know more about stuff in general, she is a whiz at this.  And, I also wanted to hang out with her and what a better event for us.


We made our own tea, and were able to take it home with us!

Going back to my wanting to live a clean life…since my grandmother’s passing, my relationship issues and job situation I have been very unhealthy.  I have been eating crap, and lots of it. I have used my anxiety as a crutch to not be active or go out on walks.  The health of my body, or lack thereof, has also led to be mentally unhealthy.  I have been eating sugar and processed food, but not really enjoying it.  Spring is coming, if Mother Nature allows it this year, and the weather will be getting nicer.  While losing weight would be fabulous, what I really need is to go back to making my own meals from scratch.  I need to go back to seeing what goes into my body.  If I can’t understand what Wikipedia is telling me then I probably don’t need to ingest it.  Well, maybe not ice cream…I mean even ice cream.  I am not going to lie to you, it’s going to be a journey, an epic Lord of the Rings size of journey, but I am determined to get there.



The jar for our custom made digestive bitters! Tee hee hee, books in the background of course. 😉

As I walked into Good Omen, I felt a bit lighter, knowing I was taking some steps to a better me.  The workshop was run by Brita Zeiler (Cordial Waters) who is an amazing person.  Like, Lia she is super passionate about herbalism.  Instead of a lecture style of teaching, this was an interactive discussion.  I can see her workshops being a little different depending on the participants.  We were encouraged to ask questions and sharing what we wanted to learn and our experiences.  I learned a lot about digestion and how I can incorporate natural herbs, plants and vegetables to be healthier.  A lot of my internal stressors will show up physically through my gut.  I feel sick and knotted if I am nervous, excited or scared.  It was great knowing that others feel that way too and that there are ways to help that be detrimental.  I am looking forward in taking what Brita taught us and doing my own research and finding something that works for me.  Thank you Brita and Lia for an amazing night! Did I also mention there was homemade hummus and crackers and tea provided by the lovely Lia? I know, when’s the next workshop, right?


Tea, Bitter, booklet and contact info!

Good Omen Upcoming Workshops

Also, at this workshop I met Sonia of Woodlot – her products are sold at Good Omen. Her soaps smell so dreamy so I have more Googling to do tonight on products.  It’s kind of amazing that you just might meet the creator of the product in the store as you are smelling it.


*All of this is just MY OPINION and THOUGHTS…you should research and make your own decisions on what will work for you! I do definitely recommend you visit Good Omen because it’s a good place to start on that reserach


Leaving the shop…but had to take one more look around!


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