It’s All About the Badges!

*Originally published in 2015/08/04

When I was in the first grade I (read: my mom made me) joined the Brownies (Canada) and the best thing ever was earning badges.  I still have my Brownie sash with my badges and have to admit I do regret not trying to earn more.  I did have the personality that follows the Brownie honour; though I hated camping (as being outdoors for me meant reading on the deck with lemonade, bug repellent and indoor plumbing), had a fear of all animals (as you can’t talk them down with pleading and little girl tears) and was too shy for fundraising (ie: my dad would sell my cookies at work, while my mom sold the rest to family).   Since then most of the badges I have earned have been for participating in sports (ie: showing up) as speed reading still hasn’t been accepted as a sports activity (rapid eye movement and straining of the brain, I guess are still unappreciated).

A few years ago I joined NetGalley (NG)  (a service that provides ARCs to “professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles. Professional readers refers to reviewers, media, journalists, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators”) that has helped me try new books and let other readers know what I think.  I believe a year or so ago they provided/rewarded many of their professional readers with badges.  I am lucky to have been awarded 3 out of 4 badges, plus a badge for a 2015 challenge.

So what exactly is on my reader sash? I am glad you asked!

My first badge – and is basically a participation badge (ie: signing up) – was provided to me so I may let my readers know that I am a professional reader.  I am reading – advanced, new or reissued- books in exchange for my honest review.  You may think that I may feel obligated to give positive reviews as I am getting FREE books to read.  The Brownie in me will never allow me to write a favourable review in exchange for free books.  I will always give my honest opinion on a book (and try to give you enough examples on why I feel that away about a book) so you can take that review to make your own decision.

The first badge I earned was my Frequently Auto-Approved badge.  Auto-Approved is when a publisher allows a reviewer to select any of their books that are available on NG.  The badge is awarded when a reviewer has been Auto-Approved by four or more publishers.

The second badge I earned was my Top Reviewer badge.  This badge is awarded to reviewers whose reviews have been published by the publishers (you must have at least three reviews published for this badge).

My goal for 2016 is to earn my 80% badge.  To earn this I have to at least complete 80% of reviews.  From all the books I have been approved to read I have to review 80% of those. ( I am at the 60% range)

Lastly, the badge for Book Advocate 2015 was given out this month to those who are serious about advocating books through reviews, and in having this badge you express your pride in books and reading. More on this later (other than accepting this challenge I have not delved into this challenge).





I was also awarded the Book Advocate 2016!



Last year I was also awarded this badge for having written over 500 reviews on NetGalley!


I want to thank all of you have supported me by just reading my blog and reviews so that I can continue to do what I love – read and write 🙂


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