Viva Organics: First Impressions


After using Viva Organics skin care for 24 hours…here are my first impressions.

Suggestion: Unfortunately, the directions are not on the product themselves so either keep the packaging or take a picture so you can reference it.  Directions are also on the website if you do lose the packaging.

Usage: It is really easy to use once you have used each product, and by the second time it takes you less than 5 minutes to do.

What I dislike: Nothing so far.

What I like: I love the look of the products…very simple and pretty – just like my style 😉 – so I am actually keeping them on the counter versus my drawer.  It is quick and easy to use so it has been easy to slip it into my other routines.  I found with my usual products I would accidentally get the cream in my eye that would sting it and I have to wash it out quickly.  Or, get it on my lip and then lick my lips to a foul taste.  So far with this product I have not had that happen – we will see.

How my skin feels: So far no breakouts or rash so no reactions to anything.  My skin feels so soft and there is no greasy feeling when I touch my face.  There is no strong smells, only faint fragrance of the natural products.




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