Review: The Perfect Stranger

31443398THE PERFECT STRANGER Written by Megan Miranda

April 11, 2017; 352 Pages (Simon Schuster)

Genre: mystery, suspense, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)


I read Miranda’s first novel, All the Missing Girls and liked it.  While it was not the best writing  (couldn’t really connect or relate to the characters, and the suspense wasn’t that great) the way that Miranda wrote the book in reverse was very interesting.  The writing was okay in that they mystery was not bad and there was promise that with a bit of polish the next novel could really be good.  I was eagerly awaiting to try her next novel, The Perfect Stranger.  I have to say that the novel had the same issues as I found with the first book without any clever tricks.

There is Leah, the main character, who left her job as a journalist to become a teacher.  It is hinted that it is not by choice.  I could not come to like Leah even at the end.  I found her a bit whiny and brash.  Her roommate, Emmy has disappeared but she can’t really prove that Emmy even exists.  There is some stalking..which is easy to figure out who it is, but the motivation for it is a bit weak.  Kyle Donovan is the detective in charge but he is not professional. He does whatever Leah tells him to do despite him being in trouble for this in the past.  I didn’t get the romance angle for them.  I was done in several chapters in, but I thought there might be a twist so I kept reading.  I try really hard to like Miranda’s books.  I do want to read one of her young adult novels as the angst might make more sense in teen books.  A lot of people to seem to like this book, so again this may just be me.


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