One Month Later…Viva Organics

It has been a month since I started my new beauty regime with Viva Organics and I have to give it 4 stars so far.  Surprisingly, I have only missed one night routine!  I had put on the facial toner and was going apply the rest after and totally forgot 😦  There are some nights I want to be lazy and skip it, but it is so quick and easy I haven’t given into my laziness. See April’s Post.


In the morning I wash my face with milk facial cleanser, then spray on my facial toner.  Before I get ready in the morning apply moisturizer – I mix the concentrated antioxidant serum with pure hylauronic acid serum and use the eye firming cream.  THEN at night I use the amaze exfoliating gel either when I shower or before I fall asleep.  I again spray the facial toner.  I then mix he concentrated antioxidant serum with pure hylauronic acid serum AND also Bio Brightening C Serum (which is only for nighttime use).  I then finish it off with the eye firming cream.



I did break out a little in the second week, but I think it was due the change in my routine.  My skin never feels greasy or oily in my t-zone nor to I have dry patches on my face anymore.  My skin feels soft and I’ve not had any issues arise.   While I don’t directly apply any of the products on my lips, it does sometimes get on them, and again no issues.  I use lip balm here and there it seems like I need it less.  I don’t know if there has been major improvements to my skin, but it hasn’t gotten worse, so that’s a win 🙂 I will post a pic every month so you can see if there are any changes.

Next I am tacking natural deodorant.  I have not had luck in the past but there seems to be hope on the horizon…stay tuned!


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