Buddy Read Review: All the Pretty Girls

1861196ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS (Taylor Jackson: #1) Written by J.T. Ellison

2007; 411 Pages (Mira/Harlequin)

Genre: suspense, mystery, series, fiction, serial killers


I have been wanting to read All the Pretty Girls since it first came out.  I love the suspense books that Mira publishing puts out, so I bought this one without even reading the synopsis.  Many moons later, I actually got to it when a friend suggested a buddy read.

Taylor Jackson, a Homicide Lieutenant in Nashville, is keeping her relationship with FBI profiler, John Baldwin a secret.  They now find themselves involved in the same case.  They are hunting a serial killer, The Southern Strangler who viciously kills women and leaves the former victim’s severed hands as a clue.  Also chasing the killer is journalist, Whitney Connolly.  Is just steps away from breaking it big and she thinks this case will help her get there.   Getting closer to the killer might just be her undoing.

If this was a standalone novel I would probably rate it lower as there are so many questions about Baldwin and Jackson.  As a series I am willing to wait a few books for the characters to develop more.  I am also hoping that we will see more development in their relationship too.  In this book it wasn’t as present. You could sense the chemistry but we just didn’t get much passion.  As we did not get much of character or romance development I thought the plot and suspense would be stronger.  This book was a bit predictable but it was interesting to see where it went and how it would get resolved.  The killer’s identity became apparent a bit too early as there were several clues.  I liked Taylor but John seems a more intriguing character, so I do hope we see more of him in the next several books.  I gave this book a three instead of a four because it was a goo book but nothing exceptional.


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