Rapid Review: Victoria

30841109VICTORIA Written by Daisy Goodwin

2016; 404 Pages (St. Martin’s Press)
Genre: historical fiction, biography, based on true events, fiction, royalty

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)


In 1836, Victoria turns eighteen and becomes the Queen of Great Britain.  In Daisy Goodwin’s novel we see the young princess become a Queen and try to rule a country.  As a woman becomes a ruler we see how the players around her scramble and manipulate to be her right hand “man” or her puppet master.  I have always found Queen Victoria fascinating so I was looking forward to this book, but unfortunately I found it slow and I started to lose interest quickly.  As I was supposed to read this book for review and a group read I forced myself to finish it.  At the time Goodwin was writing this novel she was also at the same time writing the screenplay for the miniseries.  I have not heard good things about the show so I am going to skip it for now.   I am still interested in Victoria and am looking forward to reading other books on her.


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