Book Review: A Favourite Author’s Newest Release

*originally published on 04/07/2016

26131641MILLER’S VALLEY  Written by Anna Quindlen

2016; 272 Pages (Random House)
Genre: historical fiction, literary, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★

Miller’s Valley takes place in the 1960s when Mimi (Mary Margaret) Miller is young girl living on a farm run by her father.  Her mother is a nurse but is still there to take care of her and her two older brothers.  Her older brother, Eddie is away at college and soon her middle brother, Tommy, signs up for the marines.  Also, living on the property is her mother’s sister who has not left the house in many years.  As Mimi grows up in a town that is changing and refusing to change she goes through her own discoveries.  Through secrets, heartbreak and years we see Mimi trying to grasp her own identity.

Anna Quindlen’s novels, Black and Blue and One True Thing are among my favourite books.  The way Quindlen writes about emotion and realistic characters that everyone can relate to in some way is simply inspiring.  I find that when I pick up her novels I have to make sure I have time to read most of it in one sitting.  This novel does not disappoint.  Whenever Quindlen writes about a family I am easily sucked into that family and the quirks that make them who they are.  Mimi is a great person to tell the story as she is quite literal at times so we see things in the similar fashion and have to do a bit of imagining.  The ending is also wrapped in the best way that I can imagine…I highly recommend this book.


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