Book Review: A New Hero in Town

*originally published on 03/07/2016

WHERE IT HURTS jacketWHERE IT HURTS (Gus Murphy: #1) Written by Reed Farrel Coleman

2016; 368 Pages (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)
Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller

Rating: ★★★★1/2

After the death of his son, Gus Murphy retires from the police force and is divorced from his wife.  He works as a courtesy van driver for a run-down hotel and now resides there, while his wife and daughter live with his wife’s family.  Gus is breathing but he is not really living.  Then one day a former ex-con, Tommy Delcamino shows up at his door begging for his help. A month ago his son was murdered and the police are not actively investigating the case.  Gus is the only cop he has ever trusted and wants him to help find his son’s murderer.

Once Gus senses his desperation he agrees to look into the case.  As soon as Gus starts to ask questions, Tommy himself is murdered.  When Gus has a close call he delves deep into the mystery that everyone is warning him against.  He is soon looking at his former co-workers and the cons, the same.

Reed Farrel Coleman is a prolific author but I have not read any of his book. I saw that this book was the first in a series so figured, what the heck? From the first page I was hooked on the book and the author’s writing. He is a simplistic writer like Hemingway. He does not waste words and keeps you flipping the pages. Another difficult task that Coleman conquers is creating a good character that can carry a book and keep you interested in trying the next one. I would compare Gus Murphy and Reed Farrel Coleman to Jack Reacher and Lee Child. Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch is another comparison I would make. I would recommend this novel to fans of suspense thrillers and mysteries. I am looking forward to the next book and also looking up Coleman’s past books.


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