Book Review: Back to the Golden Age of Mystery

*originally pblished 05/12/2016

778537_300THE WHITE COTTAGE MYSTERY  Written by Margery Allingham

1927 (reissue: JUNE 2016; 139 Pages) (Bloomsbury Publishing)
Genre: mystery, cozy, romance

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★★

When Jerry Challenor drops a young woman off at the White Cottage all he can think about is going back to the pretty girl.  Moments later there is a scream and the body of Eric Crowther is found murdered and the lists of suspects is long.  It seems like everyone that met Eric Crowther hated him as he would use their secrets for his own purposes.  As Detective Chief Inspector Challenor, Jerry’s father, sifts through the suspects he finds himself siding with the suspects’ motives.  With Jerry in love with one of the suspects DCI Challenor finds more resistance than any other case!

This novel in 1927 was presented as a serial for the Daily Express, and was published into book format the following year. Now, almost 90 years later, The White Cottage Mystery is available in eBook format.

This is a short, novella-sized, book and I was able to read it in one sitting. If you enjoy Agatha Christie, Patricia Wentworth, etc you must read The White Cottage Mystery. This is my first book by Margery Allingham so I can’t say I yet recommend her books in general. I will definitely be reading more of her novels as they bring the golden age of mystery fun. The mystery is cute, fun and keeps you reading even if you figure it all out. It’s more about enjoying the characters discover the truth.


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