Book Review: Lisa Gardner Novel and Novella (2016)

*originally published on 01/08/2016


3 TRUTHS AND A LIE  (D.D. Warren: #7.5) Written by Lisa Gardner

Narrated by Kristen Potter
2016; 52 Pages (1 hour and 40 minutes) (Dutton)
Genre: mystery, suspense

Rating: ★★★★★

(I received an ARC from the Publisher via NETGALLEY)
Released earlier this week was another installment in D.D. Warren’s series.  This wonderful novella does not carry from the previous novel, nor does it set up the next book.  D.D. Warren is reluctantly teaching thriller writers about police procedure. Knowing that this roomful of authors are bloodthirsty she tells them about her most gruesome crime scene.
She asks them to uncover the lie in her story of a finding a dead men with a missing leg in a hotel room. The leg is found in the bathroom on dry ice…intrigued? So was I!
*originally published on 01/08/2016
I had meant to get this review out on time but…alas life got in the way (no regrets though). I came home late last night and after a few chapters my eyes refused to cooperate any further. The large tea I drank before bed didn’t help me at all. This morning I woke up and had all the confidence in finishing the book by the afternoon. Then I remembered my DVD from the library was due today so I there went 2.5 hours. I was almost…almost close to finishing by 4pm, but then had to get ready for work. Foiled yet again. I manged to get a few chapters in on my 15 minute break and when I came home I was full speed ahead with my reading. At 10:48pm I completed FIND HER by Lisa Gardner!

find her

FIND HER (D.D. Warren: #8) Written by Lisa Gardner

2016; 416 Pages (Dutton)
Genre: suspense, thriller, mystery, fiction, 

Rating: ★★★★1/2
(I received an ARC from the Publisher via NETGALLEY)
In Find Her, D.D. Warren has been sidelined after being injured in the line of duty.  In true Warren fashion she loathes her new role and cannot help but insert herself in the field.
Seven years ago, when Flora Dane was a college student she was kidnapped from a beach on Spring Break. Her captor held her for 472 days until she was “rescued” by the FBI. For five years she has been working with a Victim Advocate, Samuel Keynes to gain some normalcy back into her life. She is estranged from her older brother, Darwin who cannot cope with the new Flora and has left for Europe. She also has a strained relationship with her mother who still lives in Maine. Her mother cannot help but worry about Flora living in Boston alone. The only way Flora can feel some normalcy is to dive into cases where other women have gone missing.
Flora takes things into her own hands and is found on the scene of a man who has been burned to death while her own hands bound.  D.D. is not sure if she is a victim or a vigilante but she will get to the bottom of this case despite her new duty restrictions.  Two other women are missing – but neither been reported missing and just when things couldn’t seem stranger D.D. finds Flora herself is missing – and it’s up to her and her team of detectives to find out what is going on.

I have been a big fan of Lisa Gardner since I first picked up her standalone novel, The Other Daughter.  I devoured her Bobby Dodge and D.D. Warren series and then worked my way back through her first series Quincy and Rainie.  Please note that characters will appear in other series so it is best to read Gardner’s novels chronologically (year they were published) if like me you must have order and limited spoilers.  In this novel, we meet Kimberly Quincy again (from later Quincy and Rainie novels).

Being an admirer of Gardner’s suspense thrillers I figured I was going to get a very clever suspense thriller novel.  I guessed there would be late nights and avoidance of things I must do once I start Find Her.  Gardner delivers yet again.  I like D.D. as she is a no nonsense detective but has this vulnerability that endears her to readers.  She is a flawed hero, in my opinion, and I have a soft spot for those kinds of characters.  I enjoy the ways she engages with her family and coworkers as we get more of her tough and soft sides.  Another thing that Gardner does well is she gives her readers insight to what the victim is feeling and going through in the novel.  She uses first person point of view for Flora so we understand what she went through and is still going through.  Gardner is great at keeping the momentum of suspense,  I found myself wanting to read faster so I could see it all unfold but wanted to go slow and savour the writing.  I highly recommend this novel and series to any fan of mystery, suspense or thriller.

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