Book Review: Missing, Presumed

*originally published on 01/01/2016

27191692MISSING, PRESUMED (DS Manon: #1) Written by Susie Steiner

February (UK) and June (CAN/USA)  2016; 400 Pages (Random House
Genre: police procedural, missing people, suspense, mystery

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★1/2
This mystery novel is set in London and is told through the voice of those involved in the case. The book opens with Manon, a 39-year old Detective Sargent, on a horrible online date.  She loves her job but wants someone to share her life with and be the father of her future children.  As she gets ready for bed she hears about a missing person case over her police radio.
 Edith Hind is presumed to be missing.  The door to her flat is open and there is blood at the scene.  Her boyfriend, Will Carter calls the police and soon they are on the case. The Hinds are a respected family, with Ian Hind as the surgeon to the Royal Family, so they must be extra careful with the media. The novel unfolds through many characters’ voices as secrets come out and the mystery deepens.
I enjoyed the mystery of the disappearance and liked the flaw characters.  I found myself more interested in Manon’s co-workers than Manon herself.  Towards the end she does grow on me more.  I rated it 3.5 stars because I found the mystery part of the novel didn’t always flow with Manon’s personal life story.  The tone changed rather than balanced one another.  I would definitely read another novel by Steiner.

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