Book Review: On the Ranch with a Killer and your Sisters

*originally published 03/02/2016

Tonight I will be starting a new-to-me Nora Roberts‘s romantic suspense, Northern Lights. I am finally reading it for my Nora Roberts group on Goodreads.  I thought for this Wooing Wednesday I would do another NR review!

montanasky2_1996MONTANA SKY Written by Nora Roberts

1996; 448 Pages (Berkley)
Genre: romance, suspense, mystery

Rating: ★★★★

Jack Mercy – a gruff but also mean old SOB – has died and left a third of his ranch to his three daughters (by three different wives). There is one minor hitch – they must live on the ranch together for a year to earn it.
Willa is devastated as she has lived and worked alongside her father. She has put up with all his disappointments.  The ranch means everything to her as does her father’s approval. The salt to her wounds is that Ben McKinnon (fellow ranch owner) and Nate Torrence (lawyer and rancher) are to supervise the running of the ranch in that year.
Tess is a writer from LA and Montana may as well be Mars to her. She has no feels towards her father except abandonment so she will only stay on the ranch to spite him. Now she must deal with Montana’s harsh weather, ranch life and sisters she has never met.
Lily is the only one who does not mind the terms as she is on the run from her abusive ex-husband. She is ready to make a new start and get to know her sisters.
To make things worse for them there seems to be a murderer loose…this only makes the Mercy women stronger with the men to help them.
I loved this novel – it has everything you wish for in a good read – adventure, romance, mystery and well written. It is a bit predictable but that is what makes this novel work as it is one of those books you get all that you expected.  Montana Sky has been written in the late 90s but is not as dated as I expected.

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