Book Review: Redemption Road

*originally published on 05/03/2016

Ten years ago when I worked at my local bookstore I discovered the author John Hart, with his debut book, The King of Lies.  I loved the book’s Gothic southern suspense that reminded me a lot of Greg Iles (The Quiet Game).  When his second book, Down River, came out I was eager to read it and I liked it.  I lost touch with his next two books being released so when I saw that his 5th book was coming out I needed to get back into Hart’s writing.


Written by John Hart
2016; 432 Pages (Thomas Dunne Books)
Genre: suspense, mystery, thriller

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★★1/2

In Redemption Road we meet Gideon, a fourteen year old boy looking to settle the score with his mother’s murderer;  Liz, a police officer, is now on suspension after saving a young girl’s life by brutally killing her kidnappers and rapists; and, Adrian, a former police officer, who has been convicted for murder is being released after 13 years. Before the three can make any move another young woman is found murdered at a church…in the same place and manner as Gideon’s mother.  Adrian is the obvious suspect as she was murdered on the day he was released from prison.  Liz who has always believed in Adrian is starting to doubt her confidence in him.  With her partner, Beckett trying to save her from prison, and with the help of retired lawyer, Crybaby Jones, Liz is focused on Adrian and the murder case.  Can Liz save herself along with Adrian or sink deeper into trouble?

I really enjoyed the suspense in this novel! There was always something happening and liked how the characters’ stories weaved together. Hart is great at writing his characters so you love and hate characters with equal passion. Liz, the main character that ties everyone together in this novel, is my favorite kind of heroine – realistic, flawed and growing throughout the book, but at the same time I found myself exasperated with some of her choices. Hart is a great writer that he pulls you in from the prologue and takes you a ride till the last page. I recommend this book for those that love suspense thrillers. There is a bit of romance in this novel but not enough to call it a romantic suspense.


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