Book Review: The Last Mile

*originally published on 06/07/2016

26245853THE LAST MILE (Amos Decker: #2) Written by David Baldacci

Narrated by Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy
April 2016; 656 Pages (11 Hours and 49 Minutes) (Grand Central Publishing)
Genre: audio, mystery, suspense, thriller

Rating: ★★★★/1/2

Amos Decker is back and ready to join the FBI special task force and solve some cold cases.  As soon as Amos hears about the Melvin Mars case – which is eerily similar to his family’s murder and Mars played college football too – he can’t help but get focused on finding out the truth. Melvin Mars has been in prison for twenty years convicted of murdering his parents. Just days away from parole another man on death row confesses to killing Roy and Lucinda Mars. When Decker and the rest of the team look into the new confession they think Mars is not guilty but neither is the new confession accurate. As Mars joins them when he is pardoned they start to unravel the truth behind his mom and dad’s murder…but it soon becomes apparent that there are people who want to keep the truth hidden.

When Memory Man ended I was excited to read the next book, especially knowing that the FBI was involved! And, boy does this book not disappoint.  I listened to this one on audio and enjoyed both narrators and loved the story.   Decker is an unique hero – he doesn’t look or sound like many of the main male characters in suspense novels.  I cannot say much about the plot but I highly recommend this book to suspense lovers.


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