Book Review: The Real Mystery is After Reading the Novel

*originally published on 05/23/2016

26198874A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY Written by Sophie Hannah

2015 (UK); 2016 (CAN/US); 464 Pages (William Morrow)
Genre: mystery, psychological thriller, suspense

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)

Rating: ★★

For some reason Justine and her family, husband and daughter, are moving to another city and she is excited to not be working.  As we move a few chapters into the book, we find out that Justine’s daughter, Ellen is devastated that her friend (that no one knew about) George has been expelled.  Also, Ellen has been working day and night on a short story assignment from school.  Justine decides to visit the principal and finds out that George doesn’t exist.  So what does this mean?

Yes, what does this mean???!!! I read FOUR HUNDRED and SIXTY-FOUR pages and I have no clue what happened other than implausible fantasy or crazy Wonderland stuff. I can’t even review this book because I don’t know what is a spoiler! The positive is that Hannah writes well. After reading more reviews on this book – which are mixed – I think I want to try Hannah’s series (Spilling CID) before making decisions on the author. I rarely say don’t read the book – I feel like after you read my review you can judge if it’s something you want to pursue – but this one I would say…read something else!


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