Book Review: Twisted Sisters

*originally published 05/31/2016

Sooooo, here is my confession: I judge books by their covers.  I picked up The Sisters by Claire Douglas based on the cover and tag line.  It was set in Britain so I was eagerly awaiting to read this book in one shot.  Two days later…

25041402THE SISTERS Written by Claire Douglas

2016 (already released in UK 2015); 363 Pages (Harper Collins)
Genre: suspense, mystery, psychological thriller

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)
After the loss of her twin sister, Abi has moved to Bath to be closer to her parents.  One day she meets Bea, who looks a lot like her sister Lucy and her. Bea invites her to a art opening at her home and they quickly become friends.  At this art opening Abi meets Bea’s twin brother, Ben.  When one artist moves out of Bea and Ben’s family home, Bea invites Abi to move in rent free.  Abi soon finds herself falling for Ben which only begins to irk Bea.  Soon Abi’s letters from Lucy go missing, and she begins to get threatening messages.  When Abi goes to Ben he sides with his sister and Abi doesn’t know who to turn to and if she can get out alive.
If I see one more book with the review/tagline of “for fans of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train” I am purposely going to not read it. So there.  I had high hopes for this book.  The synopsis sounded great and it being a British psychological thriller I couldn’t wait till this book came up on my list.  Sadly, this book did not live up to the hype. (It was chosen as a winner for Marie Claire fiction contest and Good Housekeeping also recommended it).
1. I didn’t like the characters and so I had no one to root for and kind of felt like they deserve anything awful that happens (I know, that is mean – but they did say it was like Gone Girl so that was at least true!)
2. I am not sure why Abi didn’t just leave…period.  There was no incentive in my opinion to keep her there.
3. Where was the suspense??? And, the psychological thriller part??? The constant is she crazy or not was pretty obvious. It was easy to figure out what happened to Lucy…and the later “twists”.
4. At times it felt like there was no editing involved.  There were errors and at time rambling descriptions.
I gave this book a star because it is an easy read and I did finish it.  I decided to give it another star because I felt bad that this book didn’t even grab me at any point.  I will not be reading any further books by this author.

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