Feature: All About the Book Boyfriends

*originally published 06/05/2016

Book boyfriends – while this term is new, the practice has been around, I am guessing, since heroes have been written. Not many people discussed it. Since the start of online book communities readers have been opening up more as they discuss ideas.

The first boy I crushed over was probably Encyclopedia Brown – I thought we would make a great team solving mysteries. Then there was Gilbert Blythe and Laurie. I may be loyal to my in flesh boyfriends, but when it comes to the boys in books I have a little less will power.

While I think Jamie Fraser and Colin Hargreaves are amazingly…perfect, I find it hardest to not fall in love with mystery solvers. There is something so utterly flawed about them but there is this sense of truth and getting justice. It probably goes back to my first crush Encyclopedia Brown. Some of fictional fantasies are Will Trent, Jake Brigance, Harry Bosch, Nick Charles, Jeffrey Tolliver and Rudy Baylor. (I will let you Google some of these or please message me and I will be happy to share what book they appear in)..

Some take these book boyfriends seriously, alas I am a bit more fickle. While I read the book I am interested in everything the character is doing and finding out more about them. And, then another book happens…and so on. What are your thoughts on book boyfriends?


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