Relationship Goals from In Death

*originally published on 03/31/2016

This post is dedicated to my Dr. Mira  – JA

When I was a manager for an independent bookstore I had this one sales associate that displayed her emotions for books in a large way.  She loved all things Twilight that had I not read the series I would picked it up based her passion for the story and characters.  One day during our shift we were talking about something and I confessed I had not read JD Robb’s In Death series.  After lifting her jaw off the floor she was speechless.  The next day on my “desk” was Naked in Death. So again, due to her passion I read the book.  I read it and thought it was okay.  Just okay because I had the second book but did not pick it up for 5 years.


Fast forward to 2012…a really dear friend of mine, that reads as much as I do, voiced her love of In Death, Eve and Roarke.  Listening to her talk about it and receiving her invite to the In Death group (on Shelfari) I joined.  I didn’t really have any plans to read the series but joined because of that friend.  Reading her and other people’s posts I thought, “What did I miss?” Since I reread books and read pretty quickly I thought, “What the hell?” If I don’t like it I can at least remember the details of why now.

When I first read the book I was reading a lot of suspense thrillers, literary fiction and historical fiction.  I also read it with a “meh” frame of mind and the fact that it is set in the future sidetracked me a bit.  This time I went in for the characters and then the plot…BOOM, I am hit with In Death addict stick.  I saw Eve Dallas as this strong female lead that is a cop first and everything else second.  When she lets down her walls we see her flaws and the past that helped create her and she is just even more amazing as a heroine.  Then there is this guy – who if he had not met Eve probably would not have been my cup of tea but as he falls for Eve he also melts a lot of his armor.


Last year I finally caught up on all the In Death novels and novellas (it took me three years) and instead of just doing my Rocky dance and moving on…I am starting the series all over again.  I just finished the third book last month and am all ready for the book 4 and also the newest book, Brotherhood in DeathI am now hooked on this series.  When I am having a reading slump or feel like no one understands my pain I pick up an In Death audiobook and all is right in my life again.

I enjoy the In Death series because of Eve Dallas. She is a strong female lead with flaws and past she tries to overcome little by little. I also like all the other characters that make up the In Death world.  I heart her relationship with (Delia) Peabody, Mavis and Nadine because they are an amazing source of support (much like my own circle). One of the major reasons I am rereading the series this year is because while the suspense keeps me reading, it is the personal stuff that comforts me, and gives me hope for my own demons. I have a lot of my own baggage and the thought that you can find someone that loves you because you are strong enough to live through it is amazing. This time around I have come to like Roarke beyond his charm but more for his supportive and encouraging traits.

Roarke is Eve’s strength and the reason she can fight her demons.  She has a partner.  She is tough as nails and nothing gets in her way when she has a case.  Eve can take her anger out on him sometimes or just freeze him out.  He stays and works through it.  Not many people would do that. I was about the same age as Eve when I start this series and I have come to value different things now and focus on myself more.  In Death didn’t change my life or anything but often at times it give me things to think about.  What do I think about things, my own stubbornness, my strength and that I am not alone with problems.  These suspense novels also give me relationship goals.  While a billionaire boyfriend sounds great, the idea of having the a partner who understand why you wake up with nightmares and embraces the issues is a far better deal.


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