Review: Sting

*originally published on 08/20/2016

29203612STING Written by Sandra Brown 

2016; 400 Pages (Grand Central Publishing)
Genre: romantic suspense, mystery, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★

Shaw is a hitman hired by another to help with a hit.  The hit is a woman, Jordie Bennet.  She is beautiful and mouthy, as per Shaw.  He decides to turn on his partner and kidnap Jordie for a bigger payout.  Jordie, is the older sister of Josh Bennet, who has escaped police custody and is on the run.  He and his boss have embezzled 30 million dollars and for a lighter sentence Josh admitted to the crime.  Having second thoughts Josh decides to go on his own.  Shaw is hoping he can get the 30 million in exchange for Jordie.  But the sparks between her and Shaw just might change his plan.

The “mystery” of who Shaw really is, in my opinion, is easy to figure out as Brown drops a few details. (I will not say what in case you want to read this book and figure out the secret).  From a few pages in I was just waiting to see how the secret would be revealed.  In romances for a happy ending the “hero” must redeem himself if he is not the straight up guy in the beginning.  While it was an easy book to read I found this novel, just okay.  I miss the “pow” factor like in her earlier books.


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