Series Review: A Year Without a Duke

*originally 04/01/2016

I would recommend that this five-part novella series be read in order as the there can be spoilers in the next book.  Duke Beckworth has died without an heir and now the next in line must be found.  Each novella gets us closer to finding on the Duke.

28254649JILTED IN JANUARY (A Year Without a Duke: #1) Written by Kate Pearce

2016; 81 Pages (Kate Pearce)
Genre: historical romance, series, fiction, romance

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★1/2
The Duke of Beckworth has died leaving behind no heirs to take over his inheritance.  As they search for the next duke in line for the Dukedom Colin Ford, an assistant land agent, is helping to watch over the country estate.  Rose Leyton, a distant relative of the Duke, is stuck waiting at the country estate while her brother and her fiance are off fighting the war.  When her fiance finally returns she finds out that he has already married someone else.  And, her own brother, and her fiancee’s best friend, is more worried about his friend than her. In fact, he is ready for her to marry a wealthy old man so she cannot sue for promise of marriage.  To save her from a brutal marriage, Colin asks for her hand in marriage.  Rose finds herself very interested in this proposal – more than just an escape!
I really liked Rose and Colin and found their romance to be sweet.  I also like the main story arc of trying to find the next duke.  Letters between the esquire and housekeeper are so endearing.  This is my first book by Kate Pearce and I will try another one of her novels.

SuzannaMedeiros_ForbiddenInFebruary_533x800.compressedFORBIDDEN IN FEBRUARY (A Year Without a Duke: #2) Written by Suzanna Medeiros

2016; 71 Pages (Suzanna Medeiros)
Genre: historical romance, series, fiction, romance

(I received an ARC from the AUTHOR)
Rating: ★★★
Robert Milton is…was the duke’s valet but is no longer sure about his future.  If there is a new duke he may already have a valet.  Soon after his mother dies and he returns home to take care of her affairs.  He finds that his mother’s companion is still residing in the home.  He starts to feel for Isabel but she is promised to an old man. If she stays any longer with Robert her reputation will soon be gone.
I have read another novella by Medeiros and really enjoyed it but this one was just okay.  This one seemed more like a standalone except for the prologue.  I didn’t warm to Robert and Isabel.

cover150x250SEDUCED IN SEPTEMBER  (A Year Without a Duke: #3) Written by Genevieve Turner

2016; 95 Pages (Genevieve Turner)
Genre: historical romance, series, fiction, romance

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)
Rating: ★★★
Adele Vere is hired on as a Governess for the duke’s ward.  She has a past that would bring her to the lowest of society.  As she tries to keep to herself and her secrets, Adele starts to fall for the charming stable master, Edward Coyne.
I have not read anything other by Genevieve Turner and thought this story was okay.  I really liked Adele but I was not a fan of Edward and found their romance all right.

JenniferHaymore_AnAffairInAutumn_1400px.jpgAN AFFAIR IN AUTUMN (A Year Without a Duke: #4) Written by Jennifer Haymore

2016; 100 Pages (Jennifer Haymore)
Genre: historical romance, series, fiction, romance

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)
Rating: ★★★
*Let me preface this review by stating that An Affair in Autumn is also book 3.5 in Haymore’s House of Trent series.
Markus Hawkins is sent on a very important mission to locate the next duke and inform him of his duty.  Markus and the new duke, Nathaniel were childhood friends along with Caroline Addison.  Markus has loved Caroline since they first met – first she was in love with Nathaniel and then he had to watch her marry another man. Caroline is a now a widow and can make her own decisions.  Caroline decides to board a ship to the Americas with Markus to tell Nathaniel about his new destiny.  The two are stuck on a ship together and Markus is not sure if he can stay away Caroline.
I loved this novella.  It has Markus Hawkins, brother to the Duke of Trent, who is very “duke-ish” himself! Caroline is a strong woman who gives Markus a run for his money.  The love story between the two is sweet and passionate.  It reminds me that I need to get back to Haymore’s books.  I have read a few of her novels and novellas and enjoy her writing and characters.

28485033.jpgA DUKE BY DECEMBER (A Year Without a Duke: #5) Written by Sabrina Darby

2016; 86 Pages (Sabrina Darby)
Genre: historical romance, series, fiction, romance

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)
Rating: ★★★
Nathaniel Hughes left Britain for the Americas to gain a fortune.  There he saves a young woman and her half-brother (who was once a slave) and is now duty bound to keep them safe.  When his old friends Markus and Caroline come to America to find him he finds out that he is the new Duke of Beckworth.  Not really sure it is something he entirely wants he must do it and it also means he can take Elizabeth and her brother out of harms way.  As his secretary, Lizzie is close to Nathaniel but does not think he will see her in the same way.  Now as a duke who needs a wife and heir she feels like she is losing him further.
The conclusion of the series was nicely done.  I really like the ending – which I think is a great treat for the readers.  I like Lizzie and Markus and their story was very interesting and different but still keeping with the series.  I am looking forward to more by Sabrina Darby.

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