YA Book Review: Lair of Dreams

*originally published on 04/06/2016

So I read Lair of Dreams in December 2015 but totally forgot to review this book!  Without any further adieu…

16060716LAIR OF DREAMS (The Diviners: #2) Written by Libba Bray

2015; 613 Pages (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
Genre: young adult, historical fiction suspense, mystery, paranormal

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★★

***May contain some SPOILERS if you have not read The Diviners (Book 1)***

Lair of Dreams picks up from the first book left off…the fight against a supernatural serial killer has outed Evie’s as a Diviner.  Everywhere she goes the reporters follow her every move.  Evie uses this to gain popularity on the radio as a Seer and becomes the darling of New York City.  On the downside she is estranged from her uncle who is displeased with Evie going public.  While Evie is enjoying her new social life there is a sleeping sickness that is invading people’s dreams.

Henry Du Bois, pianist and songwriter, is looking for his lost lover and is walking in his dreams more frequently.  In one of his dreams he meets another dream walker, Ling Chan.  He asks her for help finding his lover as he is not strong enough on his own.  The sleeping sickness is lingering at the outer edge as the two slip deeper into the dream world.

There are also other characters from book one in this book but these are the two major storylines I can remember from the epic book.  This is a book that is meant for young adults but I would recommend this for at least fourteen or fifteen and up.  The book is easy to read and get into but there are some themes I think might be for an older audience. But then again young teens are reading Gossip Girl so maybe I am being a bit overprotective, lol.

Libba Bray is a great writer that hooks you from the first page. The novel starts off like Great Gatsby with a twist of Daphne Du Maurier and so I was in heaven.  Bray brings the Jazz Age to life and you can tell she has done her research.  There is suspense that keeps you engrossed but it is the supernatural elements in the book that has you intrigued.  The characters in this book are a bit like X-Men, in that they have special powers but more in the supernatural area.  I recommend this book, and series, to those that like epic reads and an open-mind.  Just beware this novel will keep you up reading and thinking about things that go bump in the night.


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