Wake the Devil: Book Review

*originally published on 09/26/2016

28256202WAKE THE DEVIL (Sturgis and Kale: #2) Written by Robert Daniels

2016; 352 Pages (Crooked Lane Books)
Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller, romantic suspense, fbi

(I received an ARC from the PUBLISHER via NETGALLEY)
Rating: ★★★1/2
Beth and Jack are back…solving a crime together and living together.  It has been several months since Beth and Jack met and now they cannot envision a life apart.  They also cannot stay away from serial killers.  One day, while a married couple, two doctors, are taking some time off there is a tragedy.  One doctor is dead and the other should have been, and is now being stalked by the killer known as the Sandman.  There are a few days left until the doctor and her colleague are to testify at a grand jury.  Beth and Jack have to keep the two witnesses alive, and also find the man behind the Sandman.  If they lose the Sandman there will be more people dead in the future.
I really enjoy the characters in this book…so much so, that even the quickness of the romance between Beth and Jack doesn’t faze me.  I am just hoping that Beth and Jack can stay an alluring couple like Dallas and Roarke (In Death series by JD Robb), as I am loving this series.  I wasn’t as enthralled by the Sandman storyline but love the suspense of the plot and how it comes together.  I CANNOT wait till the next book.  Robert Daniels is definitely on the must read author list!

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