A Dark So Deadly…it must be read! Book Review

33229330A DARK SO DEADLY Written by Stuart MacBride

2017; 608 Pages (Harper Collins)

Genre: Scotland, police procedural, mystery, suspense, thriller, humour, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★★★1/2


DC Callum MacGregor has been moved into the Misfit Mob squad.  That is where the POlice Scotland stick officers that have been tainted in some way.  Callum is accused of compromising a crime scene.  In fact, the real culprit is his pregnant girlfriend who needs the maternity leave pay.  For the sake of his new family he takes the blame and now must be one of the Misfits.  Being in the Misfit Mob means that you get the “no-where” cases, but Callum lands a big case.  A body has been found mummified but it turns out it has close ties to a current case. Since the other divisions are busy Callum and his team must solve the case…and hopefully without any mistakes!

This novel did take me a bit to finish but that is only because of the length.  I would stop to finish off other commitments but always came back when I had time.  I love all the quirky realistic characters and the dark humour.  I know this is a standalone novel but I do hope we see more of Callum, Franklin, Mother and the rest.  The chemistry between the characters are great and I was either enthralled or chuckling.  The ending, which I didn’t see coming was mostly great as it tied all the loose ends together. I really liked this novel and highly recommend it if you like gritty and dark humour in your suspense.





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