Mary Kubica: Double Review Feature

Last month for my book club we read, Mary Kubica’s The Good Girl.  I was really excited to read this book as I had heard good things about her novels.  I love a good suspense book so I nominated this for one for book club.  Maybe my expectations were too high going in, as this novel fell a bit flat for me.


the good girlTHE GOOD GIRL by Mary Kubica

2014; 352 Pages (Mira, Harlequin)

Genre: suspense, mystery, psychological thriller, fiction,

Rating: ★★★

Mia has gone missing.  Mia has been found.

After dinner with her boyfriend, Mia Dennett has never been seen again.  We find out that Mia goes home with Colin Thatcher who kidnaps her and holds her hostage.  Besides her mother, Gabe Hoffman (the cop) are the only ones who seem to be really looking for her.  Then Mia is found and she cannot remember her ordeal.

Kubica divides this novel into before and after – before Mia is kidnapped and after Mia is found.  In this format we are given the beginning and end of the story, but not the details of why and how. I kind of liked this aspect of the story because you build up to what actually happens.   Mia’s kidnapping is told through Colin (her abductor), Gabe (the detective) and Eve’s (Mia’s mom) point of view.  I wasn’t really interested in Eve’s point of view other than to know what Mia was going through post-kidnapping.  Gabe’s point of view gives us a bit of the inside to Colin’s life and how they find Mia.  Colin’s point of view is probably the best as it provides us with most of what is going on with Mia during that time.  BUT, a lot of the story is tell instead of show.  This seems to slow the story and pace down and also takes out the action.  I did finish the novel,  and was interested in knowing how it ended, but it wasn’t a page turner for me.  I would put it down and only the looming date of book club motivated me to pick it back up. I just didn’t connect with the most of the characters as they felt a bit distant.  Instead of hearing their point of view and feeling the emotions, it felt more like getting a third account of a story.  I didn’t care for the ending and just could not buy all of what was happening.  I gave it a three as it was an okay read but nothing stellar.  This is just one book, so I am looking forward to reading her newest novel…Every Last Lie.


every last lieEVERY LAST LIE by Mary Kubica

June 2017; 288 Pages (Mira, Harlequin)

Genre: suspense, mystery, psychological thriller, fiction,

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

Rating: ★★1/2

Before Nick and his daughter, Maisie return home from ballet class they stop off to get Chinese food.  Clara waits at home with their infant son, Felix.  Instead of returning home, Nick has been killed in a car accident (Maisie survives without a scratch).  The police rule it as an accident, with Nick at fault.  Clara is devastated.  She cannot tell her daughter that Nick is dead and soon starts to suspect maybe his death is more than accident.

This is my second novel by Kubica, and the second time she goes back and forth between before and after an incident.  In this case there is before Nick dies and that is told through Nick’s point of view.  Then there is after he dies, that is Clara’s point of view.  I liked the first half of the novel, then it started to get a bit weird.  I found the ending not satisfying at all. I get the allure of taking the story that way, but it just left me feeling disappointed.  Again it was hard to connect with the characters, but at least this time they were fleshed out a bit more.  I think I am going to pass on Kubica for now…or maybe try an audio version and see if that can bring the characters come to life.






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