Final Girls: Book Review

32796253FINAL GIRLS Written by Riley Sager

July 2017; 342 Pages (Dutton, Penguin)
Genre: mystery, suspense, fiction

(I received an ARC from the Publisher via NETGALLEY)

Rating: 3 STARS

A decade earlier, Quincy Carpenter while on vacation with friends, survived a massacre and was the sole survivor. She joins two other girls with similar fates as the “Final Girls”. Final Girls refers to the girl that survives in a horror film. They become big in the media and while they have so much in common they have not met in person.

Quincy who has not been able to remember the details of that night is now getting better. She has her own business, a fiancee and has a trusting friend in the cop who saved her. Just as her life seems to be settling down, Lisa, the first Final Girl is found dead. It is thought to be a suicide but the media is all over the cases again. Then Sam comes to Quincy and reveals things that may turn everything worse.

I could not wait to read this book since it was announced! I was so happy when the publishers approved my request. I wanted to wait till the book was coming out to read it, and I set aside time to read it in one sitting. I don’t know if it was my high expectations or what but I was really disappointed with this novel. There wasn’t too much suspense so I kept putting the book down and found it hard to pick it back up. I could not like or relate to Qunicy and felt no real tension. The ending was easier to figure out, and once I did reading the rest of the book seemed like a chore. I rated it a three because it was an unique idea, and Sager seems to have promise.


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