Audiobook Review: I Needed This Story!


Image: Goodreads


Written by Elizabeth Berg
(Narrated by Elizabeth Berg)
2017; Random House Canada (240 Pages) 
(Audio length: 6 hours and 53 minutes)
Genre: fiction, literary, contemporary, grief

RATING: teal-star-hiteal-star-hiteal-star-hiteal-star-hi

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Berg. Even when I don’t love one of her books I still think it is worth the read. She is a great writer that takes you into the novel and the characters become friends. This book has a lot of heart. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like this one as the “old man still in love with his wife” seems to be a big genre. It’s not that I don’t like the premise, but sometimes when there is a flood of similar books I tend to get sick of it pretty quick. I get judgemental and put high expectations on the next book. In this one, we had two other characters that added to the story line. A young girl, Maddy wants to find someone to love her and see that she exists. Living with her widowed father she may as well not be there. She finds herself pregnant, wanting to keep the baby, but alone. Arthur, has lost the love of his life. They weren’t blessed with children so they had extra love for one another. With his beloved wife gone, he still has love to give. Arthur’s next door neighbour, Lucille has loved one man and has never married. When the man comes back into her life and still wants her, she is ecstatic until he suddenly passes away. After having love again, she feels more alone. These three people, extremely different, find themselves being a family for one another. Instead of tears and sadness, Berg was able to give it humour and heart. It reminded me of another book starring an Arthur, The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. I highly recommend this one, and enjoyed the audio.

***I received an eARC from NETGALLEY***

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